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Train to Nowhere reviews:

“With a reporter’s eye for detail and the deep sympathy of a novelist, Colleen Bradford Krantz recounts an archetypal episode in the story of 21st century immigration. Krantz accords a full measure of humanity to all the players in this gripping, tragic story the illegal immigrants desperate for a better life, the officials charged with regulating their passage, even the smugglers and coyotes responsible for their deaths. Our national immigration remains mired in confusion and injustice. This searing book belongs on the desks of everyone in a position to change it.”  –David Laskin, author, The Long Way Home: An American Journey from Ellis Island to the Great War and The Children’s Blizzard

“Colleen Bradford Krantz, who wrote and co-produced the documentary, uses her journalism background to take readers inside the tragedy. In her capable hands, Train to Nowhere explores not only the how and why of what happened but introduces the reader to some of the people who died and their families, details what must have happened in the rail car, follows the difficulty in the months-long effort to identify the victims, and examines the complexities of illegal immigration. This means the reader encounters and learns from the legal resident older brother of a young Guatemalan who died in the hopper car, a railroad conductor who sold information to one of the coyote networks, and the investigators on the case.” — Tim Gebhart, Seattle Post-Ingelligencer and

“…Train to Nowhere provides a quick and fascinating glimpse into the underground world of immigrant smuggling that’s worth the read.” – Minneapolis Star Tribune

“After completing Train to Nowhere: Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation, a few days were needed to fully comprehend the senseless, traumatic occurrence that author Colleen Bradford Krantz features in her work of non-fiction. Without bias, Krantz unfolds various accounts and backstories of the people involved in the gruesome deaths of eleven undocumented immigrants. Not only does Krantz paint a vivid picture through the peppering of the text with actual photographs, but also provides legal documentation and historical backgrounds while detailing the politics involved in the immigration issue. By the end of this written account, I felt as if I, too, had made feeble attempts to preserve dirt floors, to search tirelessly for repeat immigrant offenders, and literally to bake to death while desperately searching for a better life. ” — Author Groupie blog

“No matter what your views on undocumented aliens, you will be pulled into this real life drama. It is not just a story about illegals entering the states and whether they should or shouldn’t be here, it is the story of what we will endure to reach our dreams and because of greed what we will do to each other.” — Virginia Gruver, Adventures in Writing blog

“Krantz brings the victims back to life; showing her readers that they are not just eleven statistics in the immigration debate, but eleven people who were seeking something better for themselves and their families. Train to Nowhere is a moving piece of investigative literature that conveys the human side of this tragic case.” –John F. Quinn, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Director”Train To Nowhere was an important public television documentary. Now, reporter Colleen Bradford Krantz has written an equally important book that takes readers inside the investigation of the deaths of eleven illegal immigrants who died a gruesome death while seeking a better life in the United States. It is thoroughly and solidly reported, without finger pointing or casting blame what journalism is supposed to be.” –Daniel K. Miller, Executive Director and General Manager, Iowa Public Television

“Train to Nowhere reminds us that those eleven victims were human beings, with names, families, and dreams of a better life. This book restores their humanity.” — Ken Fuson, author, Heading for Home

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