News Tutor

More than half of Americans (55 percent) don’t trust the mass media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly, according to Gallup. Sixty percent of Americans say they continue to perceive too much bias in reporting. News Tutor doesn’t attempt to change those feelings overnight, but we do think we can point out some reasons news consumers might feel this way.

Search for "News Tutor" in the App Store. Or click on the image to reach the iPhone version.

Search for “News Tutor” in the App Store. Or click on the image to reach the iPhone version.

The public still trusts the media more than any other source of information – such as businesses and government. Our hope is that our News Tutor apps and videos will help students and the general public to learn to pinpoint exactly why a report might feel “off.” And we hope it gives them the information to calmly explain those specific concerns to a news source. The good ones will listen. We also want them to appreciate high-quality reporting when they see it and become dedicated followers of those particular journalists. Please encourage your friends to watch our Skew Sets. We hope to release a new one every few months (and we’d appreciate any contributions to help us do that.) Also, please share information about News Tutor with older children and their social studies teachers or professors so they might better understand how to be critical and educated news viewers.


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