Colleen Bradford Krantz, of Pink Spear Productions, is an independent journalist, author and documentary filmmaker.

Her current project is a based-on-actual-events film, Unintended 1900. It explores how society reacted to unplanned pregnancies a century ago. It is expected to be completed sometime late in 2017 or early 2018. Check out our Kickstarter campaign for more information.


Most recently, she directed, co-produced and co-wrote the award-winning documentary, West by Orphan Train, which was released late in 2014. The film was awarded a regional Emmy, a Clarion Award, and a Leadership in History Award in 2015. Following its television broadcast and appearance in multiple film festivals, the DVD of the documentary was released for sale in mid-2015. It is also available on Amazon Instant Video. Watch the West by Orphan Train trailer.

West by Orphan Train

West by Orphan Train



Colleen is also creator of the News Tutor app, which teaches students and others to be more discerning news consumers. The app and other tools at the News Tutor site illustrate how seemingly small aspects of a news report (music, narration, editing) can dramatically change the walk-away message. The goal is to illustrate how a reporter’s personal feelings or preconceived notions may affect the message, but to also help viewers and readers appreciate those journalists routinely doing solid, reliable work. We launched News Tutor, our mobile app for students and the general public, in fall 2013. We have News Tutor for iPads, and News Tutor for iPhones/iPods.

Colleen’s first book, “Train to Nowhere; Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation,” was released in June 2011. The documentary of the same name, written and co-produced by Colleen, was released in 2010 and was nominated for a regional Emmy award. It is now offered for streaming via Documentary TV. Learn more about both by clicking on the “Train to Nowhere” link.

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